AI Golf Coach

Deep dive your golf swing
immediately just by using
your smart phone!

We bring human-device interaction
to the next level and provide an 
unparalleled immersive golf experience
with artificial intelligence guidance. 
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use YOUR SMARTPHONE to improve with every swing


Let AI algorithms analyse your swing movement and resulting ball flight and provide you a 100% personal feedback


Visualize all swing data and watch instant slow motion replays for a better understanding of your movement.


Visual and auditory feedback & swing analysis in real-time. Quantitative tracking of personal improvements.

Immediate feedback and results - anytime & everywhere

Launch monitor & Tracer

Our tracer will accurately track the ball and compute all relevant metrics. Share your achievements, videos or screenshots with graphical overlays over social media immediately.

All your swings are captured automatically in slow motion. No internet connection is required! Analyze your swing anytime, from anywhere, even without internet.

No additional hardware is required - just download and start playing!

a never before seen precision with on the edge deep tech

golf swing analysis

We visualize your swing metrics graphically and intuitively to help you understand correlations between how you swing and why the ball flies as it does.

This way you can easily see and figure out your improvement potentials for higher accuracy and carry.

Based on your strengths and weaknesses, we will provide you with individually tailored cues and tutorial videos.

ALFA Swing -  see what no human eye can catch


Take a deep dive into your movement pattern using our 3D replay feature!

This way you will not miss a single detail of your movements.

Enjoy watching joints and club tracing on each of your videos for a better understanding of your swing consistency and accuracy.


Improvement & Training plan

Our AI Coach will guide and support you during your training, highlighting improvement potentials.

Profit from additional content such as warm up videos and general golf strength & fitness exercises.

Prepare yourself for getting the most out of your game.

scientific 360° validation


Our solution and analysis procedure is validated against the most powerful and established golf solution providers and hardware based analysis tools on the market.

Furthermore we are working with leading universities and leading golf scientists providing scientifically based studies that prove the accuracy and precision of our results.

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Our video analysis is performed on the smartphone or tablet without a mobile data connection.

Your personal videos and images don't leave the phone, warrantying highest discretion and privacy standards.

AVAILable FOR ios


Get a perfect golf swing, perfect golf exercises
Body, club and ball analysis - ALL COMBINED IN one SOLUTION!
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Holistic approach analyzing all key golf factors
golf championship first place
Exhaustive validation of all metrics
Workout Tracking
On device object recognition in real-time
marker free golf analysis
Marker-Free analysis solutions for golfers, professionals & coaches
golf trainer always available
YOUR PERSONAL GOLf trainer, always and Immediately available - Just download and improve!
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