What is the
purpose of ALFA Swing? 

ALFA Swing is a cellphone/tablet based system for learning about your swing and shot shape. It will analyse your swing and ball flight, as well as help you understand correlations between changes in your posture, body movements & the resulting ball path. We use qualitative and quantitative metrics for body movement and ball flight analysis. 

What hardware do I need? 

Briefly, any Apple iPhone Xs (release October 2018) or better.
We support Apple devices with a neural engine chip (A12 bionic or better) and at least 4GB of RAM. Using older devices than an iPhone Xs will lead to weak performance and are can't be supported. 

What ball should I use? 

We strongly encourage using standard white or light yellow golf balls. Failing to do so might lead to inconsistent ball metric readings.

Is the tracing feature
fully automatic? 

Yes, all your auto saved videos feature the well-known tracing line. It's provided by our system automatically, so no more after golf drawings at home! It’s by default always on, but can be turned off at any time.

How do you measure speed, carry and launch angle? 

Our proprietary AI based technology captures and analyses video and audio of your golf swing, in order to determine carry relevant metrics like club head speed and swing plane. Depending on the conditions, we will show figures with the expected measurement tolerance. Under ideal weather and light conditions, our launch speed has an accuracy of 5% and the carry of under 10% with regard to reference top radar-based system figures. Every day we are working on improving the precision so every app update will give you more accurate figures.

How long have you been working on the product? 

We have been working on computer vision since 2008 and since 2014 in AI. The first concepts for the product were drafted back in 2018 and our core team has worked intensively on R&D since then. 

When do you plan to launch an Android version?

Currently we are improving the Apple version. An Android Pro version for golf centers and golf clinics worldwide as well as for our Android users is planned for Q3/2022 fully packed with a never seen precission.

Do I need an internet connection to use ALFA Swing?

No internet connection is needed! You can use ALFA Swing on the golf course or driving range completely without an internet connection. An internet connection is only required to
a) Download the system to your cellphone and
b) To periodically (1 x month) check your subscription status (1 x month)

What does the Live Coach tell me? 

The Live Coach will watch you in real time and give you hints about your posture and swing movement, so that you will learn a perfect posture starting with the first swing. Please watch our informational tutorial video to fully understand what it is about. 

Why are sometimes no metrics shown? 

Our AI is self-learning and in continuous improvement. Under circumstances, our system will not be confident on the quality of computed figures. Thus, in some cases we prefer not to show any figure. This will be most likely the case with adverse light conditions. Indoors, for the moment, we cannot show ball-based metrics. 

Are my videos and screenshots stored in the cloud? 

We respect your privacy, so all of your videos and screenshots are processed & stored locally in your cellphone and are not shared with any data centers, providing a 100% GDPR compliance.  

How did you validate your metrics? 

During the development of ALFA Swing we worked together with PGA Professional Jörg Vanden Berge, head of the golf lab of the Technical University of Munich, Germany's Nr. 1 university for sciences and engineering, as well as founder of Athletic Golf Studio. We have used equipment worth over USD 400k only to benchmark our results and add a well-founded sports science component to our app. We benchmarked and validated our results using following equipment:
- Trackman 4
- Garmin's Approach launch monitor,
- Smart2Move
- Golf BioDynamics motion tracking
- Vicon motion tracking system. 

Under which weather conditions have you tested the system? 

ALFA Swing has been tested in all seasons with varying daylight and floodlight conditions, ranging from midday summer sun to overcast and snowy in the winter.
If you are playing at night, please turn on the "night" mode.
Under certain conditions (e.g. playing directly into the sun at dawn), figures might not be accurate or we will not show any at all. Having a high light contrast between player and field is also detrimental to the system's performance, e.g. player standing in the dark and having a snowy field in front.