Who were your partners?

During the development of ALFA Swing we worked together with the golf lab of the TechnicalUniversity of Munich, Germany's Nr. 1 university for sciences and engineering, as well as with Athletic Golf Studio of PGA Professional Jörg Vanden Berge.

How do you measure speed, carry and launch angle? 

Our proprietary AI based technology captures and analyses video and audio of your golf swing, in order to determine carry relevant metrics like club head speed and swing plane. Depending on the conditions, we will show figures with the expected measurement tolerance. Under ideal weather and light conditions, our launch speed has an accuracy of 5% and the carry of under 10% with regard to reference top radar-based system figures. Every day we are working on improving the precision so every app update will give you more accurate figures.

How long have you been working on the product?

We have been working on computer vision since 2008 and since 2014 in AI. The first concepts for the product were drafted back in 2018 and our core team has worked intensively on R&D since then.

How did you validate your metrics? 

To validate the date we have used equipment worth over USD 400k, and that only to benchmark our results and add a well-founded sports science component to our app. Following equipment was used for the validation and benchmarking of our results:  
- Trackman 4
- Garmin's Approach R10 launch monitor
- Smart2Move force plate
- Golf BioDynamics motion tracking
- Vicon Nexus motion tracking system. 

Under which weather conditions have you tested the system? 

ALFA Swing has been tested in all seasons with varying daylight and floodlight conditions, ranging from midday summer sun to overcast and snowy in the winter.
If you are playing at night, please turn on the "night" mode.
Under certain conditions (e.g. playing directly into the sun at dawn), figures might not be accurate or we will not show any at all. Having a high light contrast between player and field is also detrimental to the system's performance, e.g. player standing in the dark and having a snowy field in front.